How to choose the right payroll service in Toronto

January 4, 2018, Author: admin

Many businesses who attempt to do their own payroll service in Toronto in a house often increase the risk of facing CRA penalties and fines, late tax filings, and unhappy employees.  Using our payroll solutions allows you to eliminate these risks by letting us take care.

The first and most crucial parts of owning a running business are maintaining an efficient payroll. If not done correctly, a lousy payroll system can cost your business much money. In 2013 alone, the IRS issued a staggering $4.5 billion in penalties for companies that didn’t calculate their payroll taxes correctly. Most businesses have started outsourcing their payroll duties to external companies to ensure accuracy and save their time and resources.

Payroll services in Toronto

Given are a few of the things that you should bear in mind while looking for a payroll service in Toronto.

What sort of customer service should you prepare for?

Businesses run 24/7 and so should your payroll provider. Queries regarding your service provider can come up at any time so you should aim to look for a payroll service in Toronto that offers around the clock support.

Is their technology up to date?

Technology is ever evolving which is why you need a payroll service that keeps in touch with the latest trends. This will enable your payroll service to make use of innovative ways to transfer money to employees, making it both, efficient and convenient.

Will my business information be safe?

Sharing private or sensitive data with a new company can be a daunting experience. Breaches of confidential information are in the news day and again. This means that going for a company that vouches for your safety might be a good investment.

Who will take responsibility in case of any penalties incurred from inaccurate payroll tax payment?

Errors in tax filings can result in billions of dollars in fines. This is why it is essential to look for a service provider that will stand by with their efficiency by promising accuracy enough to back their claims by taking liability.

Will they do more for you than just payroll services?

Some payroll service in Toronto includes HR services in their services. This means that it is worth it to ask your payroll service if they can offer you a better service bundle.

e of all compliance issues for you.

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